A New age has risen: The age of Mortals

The last of the great immortals are fading out of history. Some have made their play for ultimate power and failed, others have long given up and moved on to other existences, and some merely accept that their time is over and now live among the world in silence.

It has been a generation since the world was covered in darkness and now the continent of Tarranar is at peace again, but for how long? The gods are restless, knowing that their delicate balance is now open to conflict again. Countries are awakened, the old traditions have been shattered and a new world has emerged. The old races are overwhelmed, knowing that their world is passing and they are attempting to find a place in this faster paced world.

Although many nations stand tall in the beginning of this age, a lack of resources, divine conflict and mortal ambition may mean that only certain nations will gain a place in the history books of the triumphant. Who knows what the future holds; Divine States, Magocracies, Warlord Nations, or perhaps a world inspired by the elder races?

Only time will tell…

Sejul has been beaten, but the world will never be the same.

Malik Sejul has been beaten. Although the damage he did is permanent, the world sighs a heavy breath a relief in response to his defeat. The world of unlife and darkness that he envisioned will not come to pass. Not this day at least.

However, Sejul’s defeat has not brought on the Golden Age that so many thought would come. Instead, it has become a time of paranoia and anger. Former allies now see treachery of their allies in this time of weakness. Resources are scarce, disease is rampant, remnants of Sejul’s undead roam the land, and the priests of all churches cannot seem to quell the people.

Those who are privileged to information know that many of the gods gave up a large portion of their power the day that Malik Sejul was beaten. Even fewer still know of the unrest this has caused in the heavens. Many gods that were once untouchable by lesser gods now fear for their station. The gods of Chaos and Evil have more power than ever, and because of this their priests and clerics are thriving in the face of the despair of the world.

The mightiest nations of Aethis now look at each other with jealous and frightened eyes. No one is sure who is an enemy and who is an ally and the heroes that saved the world from Sejul are nowhere to be found.

In this online politics based game, you will assume the roll of one of the world’s leaders and run a nation in an attempt to ensure a place in the history books.

The Shadow falls and not even death is certain anymore! Complete.

Malik Sejul has broken the barrier between life and unlife and now rules as the undisputed master of necromancy. Mortality is no more than a play thing in the hands of this great and powerful Lich Lord and the world is subject to his every whim and desire.

The living races, whether they be good or evil, ancient or young, mighty or frail, all fear death in a way they never have before. Not even the most versed in the arcane are privy to the secrets of necromancy. Only Malik Sejul, former Mage of Phyre, comprehends his new creations and his will is to bring all things into his realm of control, undeath.

The nations of Aethis have now, for the first time found it necessary to speak with one another on a grand scale. Some nations push to recall old alliances and settle old grudges while others feel they ought not to be brought low by the weak and have begun taking what they feel they will need in order to preserve themselves for the upcoming culling of the living.

The World of Aethis

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