The World of Aethis

Country to Country Messaging Rules

Maximum Country to Country Messages per Season

No matter the situation, all messages must come to me with their intended recipient and I will forward to that person. This is to allow for possible corruption etc. Most times the message will just be forwarded.

Mundane Messaging
- Adjacent (neutral or better): unlimited
- Adjacent (unfriendly): 3
- Adjacent (hostile): 2
- Adjacent (at war): 1
- Non-Adjacent (neutral or better): 2
- Non-Adjacent (unfriendly): 1
- Non-Adjacent (hostile/at war): special
Magical Messaging
- Anywhere (unfriendly or better): Unlimited
- Anywhere (Hostile/at war): 3

Infiltration Chances will appear in your character information.


malik_sejul malik_sejul

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