The World of Aethis


Alright guys!

Thank you all for sending your choices in to me. I am posting the results here and will be officially assigning them to you tomorrow. We will have one week from tomorrow for me to post a map, get the remainder of nation info posted, and answer any questions you may have. After that we will begin the game. More specifics on the rules to come.

Mike - Hybrid5784 - Barun Tor Barrakum
Dave - Argyle - Crymeeria
Eric - mechanovaking - Zenoi
Richard - Ether - Imperialis Bruticus
Rob - brisreb - Geftlubadd
Ian - Phaedrus - Vaccaria
Nick - SneakyShadowGuy - Dragh Aanug
Misha - Eldridge - The Kingdom of Light
Ely - Silk - Caer Glometi

Thanks for your patience!

- Duncan


malik_sejul malik_sejul

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