Captain Olo Goodbarrel

Head of the Crymeery outriders, an experienced leader, and one who knows the Crymeery Lands well


Olo has served on teh high Council for almost ten years now, he knows every fighting man and women in all the Crymmery lands by name, and has supped with most their families, he is well respected for his ability to assess distances and rates of travel, espically of the big folk, and has been instrumental in supporting the High Lady as she has begun to lead her people


10th level Ranger

balding stands at about 5ft, usally wearing greens, greys or whites depending on the season, often in the company of a scouting patrol or leading a group of calvery through the land,

animal companion is shaggy pony

uses double short sword style, carrires a spear for when mounted and a sling

is a well known fact that he has no offical home, he often sleeps out of doors, or will take up teh hospitality of the solideir or persons whom he dines with for a place to sleep the night… after his efforts with the undead, the High Lord offered to build him a house, this was refused several times.

Captain Olo Goodbarrel

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