Grand Duke Nicodemus Ulrichat Vinzenz

Imperialis Bruticus


A tall thin man with a hard brow and stern face. Nicodemus never smiles and is known for his quick and cutting wit. Nothing escapes the keen ears or steel grey eyes of Nicodemus Ulrichat Vinzenz.


After the unprovoked attack on the Twin City Empire and the inability of the Golden Shields of Aethis to protect the Western Empire, the Twin Cities nearly fell into chaos. Thankfully, at the last moment, a strong leader took the reins of the Empire and deposed the old Emperor. It was in the destruction of the Western Empire that Nicodemus stepped into the light.

Nichodemus was a governor of the southern provinces, a master of trade and a renown information dealer. His sly manner and quick wit were his best weapons as he very quickly exposed background corruption and lies to the public. Nichodemus’ greatest maneuver was when he exposed a trader who was about to cheat the state out of a large shipment of weapons. The trader had attempted to switch the weapons with older copies, and then resell the lot to another country. Nicodemus used his various connections to expose the trader, assume the cost of the weapons and sell them to the army at a very cheap, but profitable price. Nicodemus gained the favour of the military that day.

Once he had the favour of the military, Nicodemus rose quickly through the elite of the East Empire, gaining favour and connections every step of the way. Before the previous Emperor knew it, the military generals were singing praises to Nicodemus and demanding that he take control of the Empire. The Emperor was lost, with no way to gain support. Nicodemus was allies with the top grain producer, the second and third best weapon smiths, and held leverage against the leaders of both the lumber and textile guilds.

Once he had deposed the Emperor, Nicodemus made a play to gain the favour of the people. Nicodemus abolished the Empire, saying it had failed the people, and instead put in a Dukedom. In this system the people elect a duke for their province who serves for 20 years. Those Dukes then elect a Grand Duke. With no surprise, the people elected the men that served Nicodemus, and they in return elected Nicodemus as the Grand Duke. As his first act, The Grad Duke Vinzenz renamed the country to Imperialis Bruticus, ‘The Brutalized Empire’.

Grand Duke Nicodemus Ulrichat Vinzenz

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