Grand Thane Garadex Mortorke III

Barak Helm "Helmed Gate"


A strong and hard faced dwarven man, Garadex is everything it means to be a dwarf. Garadex’s long braided silver beard is a thing of beauty and every high born unwed dwarven lady hopes to be chosen as his wife.

Garadex has served in the military, studied long and hard with the church, and knows many of his average people on a personal level. Garadex is the most loved Grand Thane in generations.


The mighty dwarven nation of Barak Helm has stood since time immemorable. The ancient dwarven people are strong and proud, and their Grand Thane is everything a dwarf should be. Garadex assumed the throne after the tragic death of his father who was poisoned by a mysterious and honourless enemy. Although Garadex himself lead the dwarven army to strike the enemy and find an antidote to the poison, by the time the antidote was administered Garadex’s father was too weak and died shortly afterward.

Since the tragedy, Garadex has done everything he can to live up to his father. The new Grand Thane personally lead an army to wipe out the dwarven enemy, governs the people honestly and justly, and has dutifully and piously honoured the dwarven god, Delhm Mortorke. Furthermore, Garadex has also once again opened the mighty gates of Barak Helm, signifying that he is willing to speak with the outside world. The dwarven people, although wary of this trusting gesture, trust their Grand Thane and have supported his decision.

Grand Thane Garadex Mortorke III

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