High Captain Cade Conghaile

The head of the Crymeery army and police units


Cade is a cheerful fellow liked by many, she is also the head of teh Crymeery polic force (and army as some say, but Cade dosn`t like to use those terms) he is often ranging back and forth between Aidilade and the outlying towns making sure that there is no trouble on the brew

he holds a seat on teh High Council and is one of teh High Lady`s advisors (some believe suitor as well)


9th level fighter

Cade stands at 5`2 with large blue eyes and thick brown curly hair, he is well trained with teh spear, and sling, as well as the short sword, but is very well known for his mastery over the bobby club, or as he calls it the right`n stick.

Cade has about four poney`s that he alernates between and makes his home in teh Captial, Cade is often seen around the markets and is always interested in finding a tabaco from far away lands

High Captain Cade Conghaile

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