High Lady Fyn-Wii, Lady of the Crymeery

A noble daughter who has taken up the reins of leadership, somewhat reluctantly


Anna Lynn Fynn-Wii, was born the 7th child and 3rd daughter of the Royal Line Fynn-Wii

She was born in her fathers castle Orffalay Keep in the captial city of Adaliade she had fond memories of her childhood, she new her parents loved her and that her father King Theadric Fynn-Wii would alway care for her no matter what she did. In her youth she practiced the Bardic arts, and learned of musics, magics and history as a dutiful daughter. She enjoyed her lessons but often found her life to missing some crucial aspect.

On her 15th year her father and mother were killed, a rival group of northerns had entered Crymeery territory and had attacked the royal line. This is where many things changed, her father had always believed the Crymeery a peaceful and safe people, and so had never taken a large escort with him, now with both her sisters and three of her brothers slain she was to go no where unaccompanied. If her or her brother were to fall then the line of Fynn-Wii, a line that had benevolently ruled the Crymeery since before written word would end.

Seridoc was crowned king three days before her 16th birthday. He soon saw the reestablishment of the Crymeery calvery and slingers, and had tall wooden walls constructed around the cities of Arrnott Boherduff Loigihs and Pearse. She was kept as in Orffalay Keep as often as her brother could arrange, not due to malaice, but out of fear for the line. King Seridoc Fynn-Wii did the best he could, consitently bringing suiters for her approval, but she had no interest in marrige or children yet, she had barley lived her self. And so on her 23rd year the High Lady of Adaliade left her people one last time, mounting her shaggy pony and heading across the hillands and into the wooded county to find herself.

14 years later she returned, only through the use of magics had she been found, King Seridoc had fallen ill, and even with numerous attempts over the years he had failed to produce an heir. Much to her dismay, her sence of duty took precidence over her personal wishes and she returned quickly, she could not leave her people without a ruler. Her brothers last wishes were to see her rule, and so on her 39th Birthday she was crowned High Lady and Queen Anna-Lynn Fynn-Wii. Now with the aid of her borthers advisors and her knowlege from years of wandering the world at large she is faced with new challenges of seeing her people safly through what is sure to be a tumultuious time.


Is known to travel with her Shaggy Pony Sliabh, and is quickly making a name for herself in regards to her prowess with the sling, spear and short sword, all favored weapons of the Crymeery people

High Lady Fyn-Wii, Lady of the Crymeery

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