King Morboc Iron-Eye

Dragh Aanug "Hammer-Dawn"


A fearsome grey skinned orc of massive proportions, King Morboc is decended from a long line of strong leaders. It was Morboc’s father who earned the title Iron-Eye after he lost his in a fight with a grey render and replaced it with an iron patch that was burnt directly into his skin.

Morboc himself continues the greatness of his father’s name and is seen a great man amoung his people. King Morboc now rules with an iron fist, his people respect his strength and wisdom.


The fearsome King Morboc sits on his throne of bones, teeth and furs; a mighty warhammer of swirling black and red metals leans against his seat. The massive grey orc is enough to make even the bravest of heroes question their courage. Yet behind his terrifying mantle and hard gaze lies a person capable of great reason, calm, and compassion.

Dragh Aanug sits on the border of Zenoi, and openly trades with the human kingdom. The great King Morboc is among very few in the world who could be called personal friends of the Golden Shields of Aethis, and the Golden Shields are probably the only people in the world that could be considered friends of King Morboc. It was those heroes that aided Morboc in recovering the Maul of Anarchy and thus allowed Morboc to unite the northern orcish clans for the first time in over 400 years.

King Morboc was instrumental in the defeat of Geftulbadd. The orcs fought on the front lines of the undead armies of Malik Sejul, showing no fear even against the living dead and then furthering their fearsome reputation by jumping from an airship into combat during a daring storm of the Geftulbaddian capital. It was on that day that Morboc’s elite warriors earned the title Death-Breakers; warriors so fearsome that they were said to have caused the dead to flee from them.

This courage and honour was the first step in demonstrating to humans that orcish people were more than just mindless beasts. Morboc is now trying to lead his people into a new era of prosperity, one that allows the clans to keep their traditional values but also allows them to stand beside human kind. Zenoi and its citizens have taken fairly well to this concept and although there is still much discrimination, orcs are becoming a more common site in cities within Zenoi.

Unfortunately most of the world has not responded nearly as well. Geftulbadd still refuses to allow orcs to pass through their lands, the Elves of Telraine shoot orcs on site, and Imperialis Bruticus wars with other orc clans on their eastern borders and so distrust the orcs of Dragh Aanug.

King Morboc Iron-Eye

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