King Nortram IV

Caer Glometi


King Nortram IV is still a young man and although a handsome youth, he rarely is seen smiliing. The new King was too young to remember the day that his parents were slaughtered but was witness to the culling of Ironos’s paladins.

Greatly troubled by the plight of his people, it was with a heavy heart that King Nortram IV received the crown from the steward on his 16th birthday. Thankfully, King Nortram IV seems to have inherited his father’s keen mind and his mother’s sense of compassion. Although he is loved, the people are worried about the young king, but they are slowly gaining confidence.


One of the oldest nations of the world, Caer Glometi was blessed early on by the patronage of Ironos, god of justice and wisdom. Although its ancient origins are known to few, it is known that the city was founded by one of the direct relatives of the first humans. The city has thus stood proud through many world altering events such as the War of the Red Dawn, the first Coalition of the Gods, and the Reign of Phyre.

The city’s greatest strength is in its two sets of guardians, the Paladin Corp of Ironos and the Knights of Ballerin. These two groups have always safeguarded not only the country but also the royal line and the people that the royal line is sworn to serve. The Paladins act as holy lawmen, policing the cities and outlying farmlands when dangers arise that the normal militia cannot quell. The Knights serve as hidden protectors, weeding out evil and corruptness in the forests, hills, mountains and plains of the nation. Although the two group seldom work together, they are allied in their cause to protect the people of Caer Glometi.

Unfortunately, great misfortune has fallen on the once mighty nation of Caer Glometi. A young Paladin by the name of Balan of Theor betrayed the mighty city bringing destruction, chaos and death to the noble city. Although no one really knows why Balan turned on his home, people do know the ruin and hatred that he brought upon the just and innocent. Almost fifty years ago, Balan left the city on a personal quest. When he returned he brought forth an army of orcs, ogres, and black skinned elves and dwarves. There with his accomplice, the mighty Dragonkin Haul, he slew the king and nearly sacked the city. Like evil often does though, Balan turned on Haul at the last moment and attempted to seize his power. This betrayal is what gave the city a chance to fight back and with the strength of the Militia, the Paladins and the Knights, Caer Glometi was saved at the last moment.

The ruin visited on Caer Glometi was brutal and the cost on the people was heavy. The next ten years was spent rebuilding the city and surrounding country side. Thankfully the King’s son Prince Nortram IV survived the assault and now sits on the throne as King. The new King, however, is not more than a boy. Although the King is strong minded and wise, the people’s confidence is broken and they fear for their fate under their new King. The people hold some confidence in the fact that the Paladins and Knights still stand to protect themselves. Or at least they did…

In a monstrous and terrifying act of vengeance Balan has once again struck against Caer Glometi. The former Paladin has embraced the mysterious new dark magic’s of necromancy and given himself to the Lord of Death. With his new powers Balan singlehandedly stormed the city of Caer Glometi and slaughtered every last Paladin of Ironos before proceeding to desecrate and destroy the Alter of Ironos.

The city, although still standing, now has a cloud of despair and bitterness that hangs almost palpably over the once kind and joyous populace.

King Nortram IV

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