Thane Torman Ironbrow

Garun Tor Barrakum "Fortress City of Elders"


Thane Torman Ironbrow comes from a very old and noble line of Dwarves. The Ironbrow clan have served the High Thane since the elder days and have always been devoted followers of Delhm Mortorke. They also have the special trait of being a very long livid clan, even for Dwarves, with most clan members living 5 to 6 hundred years. It is said that it is the Ironbrow’s staunchness and unwillingness to quit that allows them to live almost a hundred years more than most Dwarves.

The Thane himself is a strong leader and a man of unquestionable honour. Although he is heavy handed with punishment he rules his people fairly and is known for hearing every grievance of his people personally. The Thane is in his early elder years and is regarded as very wise for his age.


Garun Tor Barrakum is the second oldest settlement of the Dwarves, which still makes it beyond ancient. Many eons ago when the human race was still developing the Dwarves built this second mighty fortress city to safeguard many of their secrets. Originally the city was a hidden one, meant to be away from the Giants which they called their enemies. It was here that that many of the wisest Dwarven elders lived and greatest Dwarven innovations were created.

During the War of Old Magics with the Elves, Garun Tor Barrakum served again as a secret outpost and a hidden flank against the Elves. Although the conflict was resolved before any attack was made from the fortress city, the city still served as a valuable post.

In later years still, Garun Tor Barrakum was put into service when Orcs began invading the mountain chains that the Dwarves lay claim to. For the first time, the fortress city fulfilled its intended function and was fully mobilized into war.

Over many hundreds of years this settlement became peaceful and began delving into many of the finer Dwarven arts. It is in Garun Tor Barrakum that the greatest mithril worker lives, where the greatest Dwarven library resides, and where many other secret Dwarven activities take place.

Over the same many hundreds of years where peace was embraced, Barak Helm has become more and more distant from their cousins. Recently (for Dwarves) a new distance was created when for over fifty years the mighty gates of Barak Helm were closed even to the Dwarves of Garun Tor Barrakum. During this time the Dwarves of Garun Tor Barrakum were forced to violate a rule that had been set by the Dwarven High Thane: the Dwarves of Garun Tor Barrakum went to war without the High Thane’s permission. Since then the Dwarves of Garun Tor Barrakum have become more involved in the politics of their human neighbours in the country of Zenoi, much to the disapproval of the Dwarven Elite of Barak Helm.

Thane Torman Ironbrow

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