A ancient beyond ancient dragon. Once a great gold wyrm, now twisted and bitter after being the only survivor of a malicious and horrible draconic disease.


Threllivokatas was once a mighty and benevolent gold wyrm and among the first dragons to take an interest in humanity. Although there are no human records of Threllivikotas’ involvement in their history, the dragon eagerly studied the young race.

Threllivikotas went missing and was thought to have died thousands of years ago. This is not the case however. Warped and corrupted by the horrible draconic disease known as Romealeosis, Threllivikotas’ once golden scales are now forever tinged black and his mind is twisted. No longer wanting to be associated with dragon kind, the dragon has shortened his name to Threll and shuns all contact with other dragons, metallic or chromatic.



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