High chancelor of the Usani nation.


Very little is known about this mysterious nation. What is known is only known by the most educated people on the continent. In fact, the vast majority of people are not even aware this nation exists. The nations of Unas and Usan are extremely xenophobic. No one is known to have ever been allowed entry into both nations and no one has ever entered Unas and come out again. If those who have tried are alive or dead, no one is sure.

The little information that is known is second hand knowledge coming through the nation of Tokanogama which lies to the south. The Yakfolk people are not very hospitable to outsiders and so there is little in diplomatic relations with these people. As such, the knowledge they have about Unas and Usan is not available to other nations. Yet, some information has been obtained.

Unas and Usan are said to have a very high populace of magic users. This would definitely explain their ability to remain unknown and hidden, given the very large country boundaries. It also might explain why outside magic users are unable to penetrate the powerful scrying bans that guard the nations. Almost all diplomatic envoys which are sent are turned away, even when bearing gifts or offerings of peace. Only the most lavish of gifts allow a diplomatic envoy past the boarders of Usan. These diplomatic missions are said to still result in very little.


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