The World of Aethis

Season 2 Extended

Hi all,

I was reminded today that this past weekend had been the long weekend and so many people may not have had the time or computer access to put together their final season reports.

As I was also busy this weekend, I understand your issue. I will therefore be extending my season by one week so that those of you who aren’t finished may still submit a report and those of you who have may flesh out your plans a little more if you wish.

Season extended to May 29th (11:59 pm), but please make sure to get everything in on time. I will be trying to make the turn around as fast as possible.

Thanks and happy governing,


Season 2

Hi all,

Everyone should have now received any missives that were sent, and all my responses have been sent and solidified.

I thus start the count down for season two. The deadline date is May 23rd.

Given my slow responses due to travel I will also return your responses within 1 week, having them to you by May 30th. Furthermore, I will try and have a unit scale for travel etc up by this up coming Monday, as per requests.

Happy Governing,


Responses Incoming

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know that you can expect my responses to your reports and inquires within a day or two. As most of you know I am making a trip to Ontario and have been busy making sure things are done before I leave. I have most of your responses done, I am just working on implementing a new Country Morale rating that I will add to each of your profiles.

I apologize for my lateness, and thank you for your patience. Watch your in boxes over the next 48 hours.

Happy governing,


Let the game begin!
First post due April 2nd.

Aethis Online Trailer

Country to Country Messaging Rules

Maximum Country to Country Messages per Season

No matter the situation, all messages must come to me with their intended recipient and I will forward to that person. This is to allow for possible corruption etc. Most times the message will just be forwarded.

Mundane Messaging
- Adjacent (neutral or better): unlimited
- Adjacent (unfriendly): 3
- Adjacent (hostile): 2
- Adjacent (at war): 1
- Non-Adjacent (neutral or better): 2
- Non-Adjacent (unfriendly): 1
- Non-Adjacent (hostile/at war): special
Magical Messaging
- Anywhere (unfriendly or better): Unlimited
- Anywhere (Hostile/at war): 3

Infiltration Chances will appear in your character information.


If you take a look in the maps section, you will see a basic map of Tarranar, the continent that this campaign is taking place on.


Some information on ratings

Hey all,

I am in the midst of posting both treasuries and resources. Since I don’t want the hassle of going to greatly in depth with these and I do not expect you all to become accountants, I have decided to give the following rating system.

Treasury Ratings
- In Dire Poverty
- Barely Meeting Needs
- Meeting Needs Adequately
- Prosperous
- Extremely Wealthy

Resource Ratings
- Exhausted
- Not enough to meet needs
- Sufficient access
- Over abundance
- Extreme Surplus

If you have any questions about these feel free to send me a message.

T MINUS 1 Day!
Added an extra day, sorry.

Alright guys, tonight I will update military info and add resource information. I will also try and get you a rough map in the next few days.

Start looking over everything and prepare a plan for your first Summer Season. Since I’ve been delayed I will give everyone 3 weeks as of tomorrow to get your first posts in (or as long as it takes for everyone’s first post if its sooner than 3 weeks).

Each turn will be a season. Each season is essentially 4 months. There are four seasons. I will include a legend in my map as to climates so that people know what to expect.

Please email or message me if you have any further questions.



Alright, you each have been given control of your nations. Watch this week as the DM/Player info starts to populate.

I am working this week on finalizing information. Things you can expect to see in the next few days:

Military Info
Player/Country Secrets
A map

All this week as you see info showing up, please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.



Alright guys!

Thank you all for sending your choices in to me. I am posting the results here and will be officially assigning them to you tomorrow. We will have one week from tomorrow for me to post a map, get the remainder of nation info posted, and answer any questions you may have. After that we will begin the game. More specifics on the rules to come.

Mike - Hybrid5784 - Barun Tor Barrakum
Dave - Argyle - Crymeeria
Eric - mechanovaking - Zenoi
Richard - Ether - Imperialis Bruticus
Rob - brisreb - Geftlubadd
Ian - Phaedrus - Vaccaria
Nick - SneakyShadowGuy - Dragh Aanug
Misha - Eldridge - The Kingdom of Light
Ely - Silk - Caer Glometi

Thanks for your patience!

- Duncan


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