Elemental Lords

The Elemental Lords

  • Enilos: Lord of the air.
  • Gawaxan: Lord of the earth.
  • Aqkar: Lord of the water.
  • Tarvuni: Lord of the flame.

These lords were created when the world was first created as assistants to the great gods in their construction of the world. These beings were given a consciousness out of their very attributes, making them true representations of their element. The Elemental Lords are so tied to the fundamentals of the physical world that the seasons are expressions of their influence. Each of the seasons in Aehtis are named after the Elemental Lord they are most closely related to.

  • Winter – Enilanus – Named for the bitterly cold north wind.
  • Spring – Akqarnus – Named for the constant driving rain and dampness.
  • Summer – Tarvunus – Named for the sweltering heat and burning sun.
  • Autumn – Gawannus – Named in respect for the nutrients that helped the harvest grow.

The elemental lords are as old as the world and have experienced everything that has occurred to any representation of their element. This leads to a wealth of experiences so vast that the elemental lords have a much skewed point of the world, having been through so many experiences that they have little regard for mortals and other things which are in constant flux.

Enilos (En-ee-loss)
• Brash, impetuous and uncaring, nothing moves the great Enilos. The Lord of air is the embodiment of freedom. Enilos moves freely and openly through forests, mountaintops or deepest caverns. The great being feels no responsibility to any being, god and mortal alike. It is said that Enilos is aware of all things but cannot be moved to speak on any topic. Many have tried to convince the being to divulge his vast knowledge but no god or mortal has ever been successful.

Gawaxan (Gah-woks-ann)
• Strong, resolute and self-assured are among the great qualities of Gawaxan. Unfortunately each of his great qualities comes partnered with great fallbacks. Gawaxan is the elemental lord most often in contact with mortals, most of which do not know that he exists. Gawaxan, although bound to the betterment of the world, feels abused and exploited by the mortals who carve up his body to satisfy their wants and desires. It is for this reason that Gawaxan is most likely to answer mortal summons, however these meetings are rarely beneficial to the mortal.

Aqkar (Ahk-ar)
• A wise, stubborn and supremely patient entity, Aqkar does nothing without considering it countless times and trying to draw out every possible circumstance and eventuality of a choice. Aqkar enjoys the patronage of Qualmno, god of the seas, who treats him as an esteemed advisor and most respected elder. Although Aqkar can be reasoned with by mortals, he takes great lengths of time to make decisions and is not normally moved by their problems.

Tarvuni (Tar-vu-nee)
• A vain, quick to anger, and ravenous being, Tarvuni consumes just about everything he comes in contact with. It is seldom the case that a mortal can interact with Tarvuni and live to tell the tale, nevermind win favour from the ever-hungry, ever-arrogant lord of flame.

Elemental Lords

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