Gods of the Court

The Gods of Aethis

The Tetrarchy is made up of the four major gods:

  • Ironos: God of justice, wisdom and keeper of the skies.

  • Kraun: God of order, honour and father of the earth.

  • Veisharr: Goddess of chance, luck and mother of the oceans.

  • Xnaqu’y’raken: God of hatred, destruction and master of flame.

The other major Gods of the Court are:

  • Delhm Mortorke: God of War, The Forge and patron God of the Dwarves.

  • Grahn: Goddess of Nature (Plants, Beasts, Weather and Carrion).

  • Malcav: God of Arcana and Knowledge.

  • Asharyyx: Draconic God of Protection and Benevolence.

  • Vaugh’han: God of Darkness, Death, and Secrets.

  • Mklerth: Goddess of Trickery, Humour, and Patron God of the Halflings.

  • Vyr: God of War, Vengeance and Tyranny.

  • Yllimarin: Goddess of the Sun, Moons and the Patron God of the Elves.

  • Stellar: God of the Stars, Travel and Patron of Sea Travel.

  • Raithure: God of Wealth and Vengeance, Patron of Thieves.

  • Qualmno: God of the Sea, Storms, and Ships.

Gods of the Court

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