Golden Shields of Aethis

The Golden Shields of Aethis were a group of Heroes that stood up to The Lord of Undeath, Malik Sejul. Although most of them are thought to have come from Zenoi, it is obvious some are originally from other places. These individuals campaigned tirelessly against Malik Sejul, traveled the entire world, held court with Kings and Queens, and fought back against the mad necromancer when no one else could. Unfortunately they were forced to sacrifice themselves in their last battle with Malik Sejul. Their names will be remembered.

Julius Goldwell, Exarch Paladin of Asharyyx
Joseph Stern, High Priest of Asharyyx
Zane Redmane, Sentinel of Ironos
Hubble Herbie Glenbo Flutkin David Flubble Farr , Grand Anchorite of Asharyyx
Maso’raken the Unstoppable
Telinaricarnaxis, The Silver Warden
Leiria of the Bronze Dragon Scale

Known personal friends of the Golden Shields include:

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon
King Morboc Iron-Eye
Lord Stewart Falkten
Dinnok Soarvin

Golden Shields of Aethis

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