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The world of Aethis emerged out of the swirling mass that only the greatest of scholars have come to know as The Aether. First from The Aether emerged the divine, followed by law, chaos, good, and evil. These energies made up the beings that now sit as the Gods of the Court. The first and most powerful of the great gods are known as the Tetrarchy, who are ancient even in relation to the other Gods of the Court. In addition to the Tetrarchy, the elements were also created; earth, wind, water and fire. Soon after the divine also came the arcane. This power mixed with the elements to create the Elemental Lords. All of these energies were involved in spawning the first of the minor gods, the Dragon Lords.

A basic overall timeline and sequence of The Ages can be found here. The Ages of Aethis

These powers helped to shape the world of Aethis into what it is now and in time Aethis gave birth to the many different peoples and creatures that now inhabit the vast world. Of these, some of the most notable include:

After the Shadow of Sejul and the victory by the Golden Shields of Aethis, in which many nations were effected, a lack of resources and a sudden desperation plagued the land. Many once peaceful nations were incited to war in order to meet the needs of their people. Many of the gods were forced to sacrifice a great deal of power in order to stem the tide of Sejul’s power. The ones that didn’t are now making a play at gaining more influence over the races of Aethis, and the ones that did are desperately trying to support their followers and hold their ground against the other gods.
The largest nations in this conflict are:

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