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This campaign currently serves as the overall setting for the following campaigns:

The world of Aethis emerged out of the swirling mass that only the greatest of scholars have come to know as The Aether. All aspects of the world are said be derived from this quintessence, although the how or why of this emergence is beyond even the wisest of scholars.

Exploring Aethis:
Ages of Aethis
Mortal Races
Elder Races
Established Nations

These powers helped to shape the world of Aethis into what it is now and in time Aethis gave birth to the many different peoples and creatures that now inhabit the vast world. Of these, some of the most notable include:

The Mages of Phyre
Golden Shields of Aethis

Recent Major Events
The Dawn of Misery
The Miracle of Three Gods
The War of Skulls

Dwarven Numbers

Main Page

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