The Dragons

The Dragons are a beyond ancient race that predates even those referred to as the Ancient Races. Although the true and complete histories of the Dragons is held as secret draconic lore, and not allowed to other races, a basic history of the Dragons can be pieced together.

Dragons are perhaps the more diverse race in Aethis. There are ten distinct species of True Dragons and dozens of other dragons, most lesser but a few as mighty. Of the ten species of True Dragons, there are two orders, five dragons each. The orders can be distinguished by their creators. The Metallic Dragons were created by the Dragon Lord Garhaast, while the Chromatic Dragons were spawned by the Dragon Lord Narostia. The following is how the Dragons are classified within their orders and in respective order of their suspected creation.

  • Metallic Dragons
  • Gold Dragons
  • Silver Dragons
  • Bronze Dragons
  • Copper Dragons
  • Brass Dragons
  • Chromatic Dragons
  • Red Dragons
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • White

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The Dragons

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