The Dwarves

The Dwarves are beings greatly in touch with the earth in which they make their home. Of all races they are most like the Elemental Lord Gawaxan. The Dwarves are people of great pride, strength and skill. Born with an innate love towards craftsmanship, it is not surprising that their god is said to have crafted himself. This is one of the great mysteries of Delhm Mortorke that only the greatest and wisest of Dwarves ever comes to truly understand.

At the same time that Delhm Mortorke crafted himself for the benefit of the Dwarves, the Giants also gained a god. Kagarath was formed out of the malice and greed of the Giants. Although the two gods bore instant hatred for each other, they are said to have had similar appearances. Enough that they have since been called twin brothers, each representing the opposite extreme of their traits. Both beings have a love for craftsmanship and finely wrought artefacts, yet Delhm Mortorke is the smith and Kagarath is the warlord. Delhm Mortorke creates works of great wonder, while Kagarath desires these artefacts and takes what he pleases. Both beings have a love for order, yet Delhm Mortorke inspires his people with leadership and Kagarath imposes fear in his subjects to force them to obey. Both deities also have a love of warfare, but Delhm Mortorke fights to defend and Kagarath fights to dominate.

In the many millennia that the Dwarves; guided by Delhm Mortorke, and the Giants; controlled by Kagarath, warred against eachother, each went through great cultural changes. The dwarves developed a love so deep for Delhm Mortorke that their society devoted themselves to their god and what he represented. Their entire societal structure became a form of worship and every man, woman and child was a celebrant of Delhm Mortorke.

The Dwarves have vast histories about their wars with the Giants, and although this conflict has long since subsided, the Dwarves will never forget the wrongs that the Giants committed against them. Even now there is little to no organization in the Giants, yet the Dwarves still teach their young how to best combat their mighty foes. It is said that a Dwarf never forgets a wrong done to him. This is evident in the Giants, and was clearly shown to be true after the Arcana Conflict between the Dwarves and Elves (See The Elves). The Dwarves have never forgiven the Elves for their treachery and a deep rooted distrust and dislike of the Elven people runs deep in the Dwarven people.

It is because of their past that the Dwarves naturally distrust all non Dwarves or non Dwarf kin (such as The Gnomes). Humans are especially suspect in the eyes of the Dwarves. According to the Dwarves they lack a basic understanding of honour, value and respect, and since they only live for a century, at best, it is hard to form deep friendships. The exception to this attitude is with Humans that follow the Great God Ironos. The Dwarves have learnt a deep respect for this god and his Human clerics and Paladins have earned a certain admiration because of their actions in Ironos’ service.

The Dwarves

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