The Giants

The ancient races were each powerful and fearsome in their own right. Of all of them, none were quite as intimidating as the race of the mighty giants. Physically powerful beyond the measure of any other race and built like the mountains they inhabited, these beings towered over the other three races and imposed their will upon the weak.

In time, like the other races, the Giants had imposed a presence so strong that the forces of Aethis responded to their very existence. A god was born to serve and guide the Giant race, a god that embodied everything it was to be a Giant. This god became known as Kagarath. His will became that of the Giants, and the Giants’ will became his to command. As such, Kagarath was a being of unsurpassed envy and greed. Kagarath desired to own all that belonged to those weaker than he, and he believed he was the mightiest being to exist in Aethis.

It was, however, in the same moment that Kagarath took form, that the Dwarven diety Dehlm Mortorke crafted himself. Although the two bore instant hatred for eachother, they are said to have had similar appearances. Enough that they have since been called twin brothers, each representing the opposite extreme of their traits. Both beings have a love for craftsmanship and finely wrought artefacts, yet Delhm Mortorke is the smith and Kagarath is the warlord. Delhm Mortorke creates works of great wonder, while Kagarath desires these artefacts and takes what he pleases. Both beings have a love for order, yet Delhm Mortorke inspires his people with leadership and Kagarath imposes fear in his subjects to force them to obey. Both deities also have a love of warfare, but Delhm Mortorke fights to defend and Kagarath fights to dominate.

In the many millennia that the Dwarves; guided by Delhm Mortorke, and the Giants; controlled by Kagarath, warred against eachother each went through great cultural changes. The dwarves developed a love so deep for Delhm Mortorke that their society devoted themselves to their god and what he represented. Their entire societal structure became a form of worship and every man, woman and child was a celebrant of Delhm Mortorke.

Meanwhile, as the Dwarves grew in harmony with their deity, the Giants became more and more corrupted and twisted under the iron fist of Kagarath. Kagarath bestowed many gifts upon his subjects; gifts of power and authority. Kagarath warped his people into beings of great strength to suit his own goals. Slowly more and more giants lost the original forms that they were borne into existence with, in place of more opulent forms of strength and power. The oldest and most prominent of these races were the fire giants, the frost giants, the hill giants and the stone giants. Other lesser giant races were the ettins and the ogres. Other giant races also formed but were less common for various reasons. These different races helped Kagarath in his mad schemes to obtain the many great and powerful artefacts of Delhm Mortorke.

Although little is known about the actual conflict, the most notorious of Kagarath’s schemes was his endeavour to own the RuneForge. Of the many gifts that Delhm Mortorke gave to the Dwarves, the mightiest and most dangerous of all of them was his understanding of the power Arcane. The RuneForge was crafted by Delhm Mortorke as a guide to learn and harness the power Arcane. Just to study the RuneForge was exceptionally dangerous and only the strongest and wisest of the Dwarven race was allowed to even see the mighty artefact. It was this artefact and this power that Kagarath lusted for more than anything else.

Time and time again Kagarath plotted ways to take this RuneForge but was foiled by Delhm Mortorke and his followers. Over time the Dwarves became more and more paranoid about their arcane abilities and the RuneForge became no more than a myth. Kagarath however always remembered its existence. The final attempt by Kagarath to secure this powerful relic was the last time that the Dwarves ever suffered his schemes.

Lust and greed had made Kagarath predictable over the centuries. Delhm Mortorke was wise and could see the mind of his evil brother and so endeavoured to set a trap for the covetous god. Again, very little is known about this event as the Dwarves are extremely secretive about their past but what is known is that the trap was successful and Kagarath was imprisoned. No one is sure where he is imprisoned, and the Giants have since broken their allegiances and the clans have scattered. The once mighty race has now been broken and their history forgotten by all but the most wizened of their kind.

The Giants

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