The Humans

Although most people view Humans as a very basic and uninteresting race, the scholars who have looked deeply into the Human past have found many mysteries. In fact anyone who does much research at all will notice that the human histories have a very interesting aperture within them. Humans are a vain race and have cataloged the greatness of their achievements in great detail. Unfortunately they are also a fairly self absorbed race and individuals within most human societies do not see a need to know their own ancient history, thus very few Humans know of their mysterious past.

The Human histories go back quite far, but abruptly end at what has been termed the Death of the Primes, in which it has been concluded that some event caused the Prime Humans to either die or vanish from Aethis. No one knows what this was or what may have caused it and the same hole exists within the histories of the Ancient Races. The Ancient Races do, however, tell of the Prime Humans and their struggle to establish their place within Aethis, although many Humans scholars find the accounts biased and prejudiced.

According to the Ancient Races, the Prime Humans were extremely hierarchical and existed within very strict family units. Prime Humans were almost obsessive of these units and would not act outside the family unit’s designated function. Furthermore, they are said to have been foolish and vain, only sharing their family’s goods in a strict trade system. Each family was extremely individualistic from each other family. If two family units found that their warriors used the same weapons, one family would be forced to change to a weapon not used by any known family. This was done through force, influence, or coercion. The Prime Humans are also the Humans that first began to use magic, although they wielded it clumsily and without real understanding of its potential. Fully unimpressed with these base beings, the Ancient Races chose not to associate with Humans.

Since the Death of the Primes, the Human race has continued to grow and become more influential. There have been many event in the world that can be attributed to Humans. The Mages of Phyre were predominantly human, the Higher and Lower planes of Aethis are influenced most by Human actions, the War of the Rift was only possible due to human actions, Malcav the god of magic was once human, and most recently the Lord of Death; Malik Sejul was also once Human. There are also now more Human nations on Aethis than any other race.

The Humans

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