The Taxil

Many millennia ago, before the birth of the human race and many other peoples, the elder races fought to preserve and control their new world. The greatest of these races were The Elves, The Dwarves, The Giants, and the Taxil. The Elves lived in relative peace, while the Dwarves fought in countless wars with the Giants for control of many mountain chains. The Taxil however fought within themselves in underground halls and in dark forests and swamps. These wars went on unnoticed for many centuries and while the other races did not change much, the Taxil grew at alarming rates.

The Taxil were spawned by the goddess Veisharr, lady of chance and queen of chaos, but they were easily corrupted by the evil of Xnaqu’y’raken. Their inherent flux made them highly susceptible to outside influence and since no guidance was offered to them, the Taxil quickly became creatures capable of horrible evil. It wasn’t until many hundred years afterwards that the Taxil were discovered by the other elder races and by then the damage was too late.

The Taxil had become beings of war, constantly fighting and always getting stronger. Eventually their infighting was noticed by the other elder races when the destruction caused by these wars became catastrophic. The elder races began watching the Taxil closely. Even the giants, who fear no enemy and show no mercy watched with trepidation as the Taxil began warring openly.

Although the Taxil were dangerous, all three races recognized the fact that they only fought amongst themselves and so continued to ignore the Taxil. Many of the wisest among the Elves and Dwarves claimed that the Taxil would eventually kill themselves and end their own existence, while the Giants waited until they were weak so that they could strike and claim the weakened race as slaves. This did not happen however. No one could have foreseen that one Taxil could possibly unite the tribes together. Targaxil the Bloodmaw was spawned like no other Taxil, in flames. Targaxil was the spawn of one of the greatest tribal warlords of the Taxil, a gigantic terror known as Drextul the Devourer. Drextul was feared by all and hated by most and knew his enemies were all about him, and so Drextul decided to spawn a son that would become his right hand; one person he could trust. However, when Targaxil was spawned it was obvious that he would be gargantuan, likely even bigger and stronger than Drextul himself. And so Drextil decided he would kill this spawn rather than chance his son’s inevitable betrayal. Cast upon the open flames of Drextul’s own war pyre, Targaxil was sentenced to death.

Targaxil was stronger than Drextul could have imagined. Instead of perishing like any Taxil should have, Targaxil drank in the flames of the pyre and consumed its energy. Thinking the deed done, Drextul walked away from the pyre. Unfortunately a lowly underling of Drextul decided to take a chance and attempt to rescue Targaxil, thinking that he may be able to use Targaxil to overthrow Drextul. Leaping into the Pyre the underling thought to save Targaxil but at the cost of greatly weakening himself, becoming crippled from his exposure to the fire. The underling did however manage to grab Targaxil and spirit him away to grow. A very short time later Targaxil was matured enough to make himself known, but not before he killed the Taxil that had sheltered him. Targaxil hated all weakness and showed no mercy.

Very soon after revealing himself, Targaxil killed Drextul easily and shattered the balance of power within the tribes. Targaxil claimed leadership of all Taxil and allowed no opposition. The Taxil bowed to Targaxil out of fear and thus the tribes were united for the first time.

The elder races witnessed the seizure of power and for the first time decided to talk with each other. A council of elders was called which included Elves, Dwarves and Giants. Together it was decided that each of the elder races must put aside their wars and hatreds to band together and stop the Taxil. Together the elder races conceived of an idea to trap and destroy the Taxil.

The ancient tales and scroll do not say what this trap was or how it was sprung. All that is known is that shortly after conceiving of a trap, the Taxil simply disappeared. Although no one knows if they were destroyed or merely imprisoned, many ancient scholars believed that the race of beings known as Trolls are corrupted and weakened descendants of the once mighty Taxil.

Little is known about the Taxil but ancient tales tell of them standing anywhere from 10 to 16 feet tall, being hugely muscular, and bearing tusks. They are also said to have been spawned in various coloured skin, including brown, green, grey and sometimes even blood red. Their likeness can still be found in ancient temples that exist in ancient forests and forgotten swamps.

The Taxil

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