King Dinnok Soravin



A tall weather worn man, this leader has been through it all and he looks the part. Once an adventurer, Dinnok has sustained many wounds and bares the scars as their price. Although he is still somewhat handsome, his features have become dark and worn. His coal black hair is thinning, and his once piercing green eyes suggest a tired soul.

The man is known for the amount of care he shows each and every one of his subjects. They love him and many have started calling him the Father of the Nation. Yet something weighs heavy on the man, very heavy.


Dinnok Soravin was once the Emperor of Vaccaria, not the King. His father was Emperor before him and when he died, Dinnok already had the allegiences of most of the state officials. It was natural that he would supplant his father’s seat of power, and so he did. Yet Dinnok had never really worked for this power and so took it for granted. He taxed people heavily and unjustly, he demanded total obedience from the guild masters, he was ruthless with those who broke his laws, and he was vengeful towards anyone who dared oppose his will.

The people grew angry at Dinnok and spoke in dark places about rebellion and murder. Dinnok thought himself lucky however, when a strange man, named Herne, and his two allies, Iltinar and Daevas, came to him and offered him wealth and power. The three men began to council Dinnok and show him how to better manipulate his people. What Dinnok did not realize was that they were manipulating him and so when they had gained the support of the state officials they used the army and the will of the people to depose Dinnok.

Although the three tried to kill Dinnok, he managed to get away with his life. Armed with only his family sword and ring he slinked through sewers and alleys to escape the city. Once out he evaded the army and the law who were now looking for him and calling him a traitor. It was through this avenue that Dinnok met a man who would later become his greatest friend.

While on the run one day a young paladin named Balan of Theor found Dinnok and attempted to capture him. Annoyed at the arrogance of this god’s lackey, Dinnok challenged the young man to a fight. The paladin, a man of honour, accepted the challenge and faced Dinnok in single combat. Dinnok, who had been schooled by all the greatest sword masters of Vaccaria, humiliated the young paladin and left him alive to stew in his defeat.

After months of searching, the new emperor Herne gave up and began using his new nation for his own purposes. Herne began a war with the neighbouring Centaur nation of Telraine and engineered a war between the Centaur and the Crymeery people. The people of Vaccaria, although skeptical of the war, supported their new Emperor.

Dinnok, now a vagrant, spent years determined to get his empire back. Disguising himself, Dinnok mingled with the common people trying to assess what Herne was doing with his new power. At first the people only grumbled and complained about Herne’s taxation and war, but slowly they began to grow dissedent again, comparing Herne to Dinnok but saying that Herne was worse. The people very quickly grew tired of fighting fey, and did not approve of many of the tactics that Herne used against his enemies. Before long people were making dark jokes about wanting Dinnok back.

During his time at the bottom, Dinnok also saw the rampant poverty, crime and opression in his people. Having never seen these things first hand, Dinnok began gaining an understanding of how his actions had effected the people. One day as he walked the streets he overheard people talking about a great Paladin that was staying at a local inn. Remembering the young man he had met years before and that young man’s thirst for justice, Dinnok set out to find this Paladin.

As fate would have it, it was the same Paladin. Dinnok humbled himself, apologizing for his behaviour and swearing that he had learnt the error of his ways and then begged for Balan’s forgiveness. The Paladin felt great pity for the man and after hearing about the oppressive Herne, decided to help Dinnok reclaim his home. Working together with the population, and using Dinnok’s knowledge of the inner workings of the state, the two exposed Herne for what he was, lead a revolution and retook Vaccaria from Herne. The people were so happy with the changed Dinnok that they named him King and declared that the Soravin family should rule forever.

Balan and Dinnok became good friends through this conflict, and thus, many years later, when Balan asked King Dinnok for help against a powerful mage name Malik Sejul, Dinnok dropped everything he was doing and repayed his debt to his friend. Dinnok went with Balan into the heart of Sejul’s citadel, fought against his undead creations and barely survived. His survival was owed to the priests of his kingdom, who placed a powerful spell that teleported his body back to the castle if he were knocked unconcious.

The visit to Sejul’s citadel came with a price however. A powerful undead spirit had posessed Dinnok’s body, and it took everything the priests of Kraun could muster in order to subdue the creature within the King. Unable to remove the spirit while Sejul survived, Dinnok learnt to live with the horrible spirit inside him. Any negative emotions strengthened the creature, and stress or fatigue allowed it chances to resurface.

Dinnok was incalcuabley grateful when the Golden Shields of Aethis finally brought Sejul down and the evil undead spirit was finally destroyed. Yet, the great man was never the same.

King Dinnok Soravin

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