King Varn D'Cimilus

The Kingdom Of Light


Formally known as Deple, this ancient country has been through much in the last several centuries. Now ruled by a righteous King who will no longer tolerate the corruption that infested the former Deple.

Some call his rule a little overbearing, but no one can deny the good it has done for the country. Varn D’Cimilus is a striking man, both handsome and charming. The man has yet to take a Queen, and many of the richest and most beautiful women of The Kingdom of Light have tried to win his heart, although he is known to entertain every one.

Before his ascension to King, Varn D’Cimilus was a high ranking general in the armies of Deple. The man is also known for his devoutness and involvement in the church of St. Palantine.


Deple was a very troubled nation only a few generations ago. Although the nation survived the War of the Rift almost 500 years ago, they were forced to suffer with the consequences. Thousands of minor demons and devils were never properly banished after the war, leaving them able to freely walk the lands surrounding the Rift Plains. Although Deple was instrumental in hunting these creatures down, many escaped the purification.

Those demonic and infernal beings that survived still plague the land of the former Deple. Although most demons have been tracked down and killed, there were a few powerful devils that escaped the purge. Slowly over two hundread years these devils successfully infiltrated the Church of St.Palantine and, with guile and patience, became the heads of the Church. This likely would have continued, if not for a young Paladin errant named Balan of Theor and a monk of Asharyyx named Darix, who exposed the High Priest of the church as a devil and allowed for his destruction.

Varn D’Cimilus came from a noble family and served in the armies of Deple. At the age of 15, the High Priest of St. Palantine was being exposed, and the Church was openly being investigated. The young man took an interest in the purge and joined the army on his 16th birthday. Clearly concerned with the people of his nation, Varn pushed himself hard to serve the army in their purge of the church. At the age of 20 when the purge had finally been completed Varn realized that he had taken an interest in the teachings of St. Palantine. As he rose in army rank he also served more in the Church. By the time the man was 30 he was not only a minor general, but also ordained under St.Palantine.

Although St. Palantine holds no paladins, he does highly make use of cleric warriors, called templars. Varn was inducted into the order of the Templar in his 32nd year. Varn also continued to serve in the ranks of Deple. Only a few short years after being a templar, Varn was made a High Templar and personal attendant to the King.

Varn served well in this post, and was one of the closest people to the King through the trials that came to Deple. During a hunt, the King’s son was tragically wounded when he fell from his horse and was trampled. Very shortly after the young man died of his wounds. Then, only months later the King’s daughter contracted a mysterious ailment and died in shaking fevers mere days after onset. The King was devestated. Having lost his wife to natural causes years before this, and now both his heirs, the Kind had no one to give the throne to.

Varn councilled the King to look through the nobility for a suitable heir and then adopt that person. The King agreed and started his search, yet could not find anyone suitable enough until one day when the King announced that he had found someone. Varn had not been councilled on this and was very surprised when the King named him the successor. At first Varn protested saying that a High Templar should not be made King, but the King persisted saying that the union of church and state would forever strengthen the land and form a ‘Kingdom of Light’ in which no evil would ever thrive again.

A few years after this announcement, the King passed away in his sleep, Varn D’Cimilus was made King, and the nation was renamed the Kingdom of Light in tribute to the greatness and wisdom of the former King.

King Varn D'Cimilus

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