Gods of the Court

The Gods of the Court

Along with the Tetrarchy, there are many gods who exist within the cosmology of Aethis. These gods are some of the strongest beings that exist across all planes, and who maintain their power and status by maneuvering themselves, their followers, and the forces they channel.

Each god of the Court has many followers, a significant religious presence on Aethis, and a pantheon of lesser gods, champions and heroes who help to further their lord’s interests.

The Gods of the Court are:

AsharyyxThe Celestial Dragon, Savior of Man
Neutral Good:

MortorkeThe Forge Master, The Stone Warden
Lawful Good:

GrahnMother Of All, The Four Headed Goddess
True Neutral:

MalcavLord of the Arcane, The Living Weave
Lawful Neutral:

HigguraShe Who is Blessed, Lady of the Hearth,
Neutral Good:

QualmnoThe Lord of the Sea,
Neutral Evil:

RaithureLord of Shadows, The Unseen,
Neutral Evil:

StellarThe Traveler, He Who Guides,
Neutral Good:

VauraghnThe Reaper,
Neutral Evil:

VeisharrLady Luck,
Chaotic Neutral:

VyrThe Scarred Hand,
Lawful Evil:

YllimarinThe Moonlit Maiden,
Chaotic Good:

Gods of the Court

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