Dragon Lords

The Dragon Lords

  • Vionalaresis: Lady of all Dragonkind.

  • Garhaast: Father of the Metallic Dragons.

  • Narostia: Mother of the Chromatic Dragons.

Long ago, before the mortal races existed, when this world was being formed, the higher beings of the world took forms so that they would be able to interact with the races to come. There were originally only four gods. These represented the very nature of all existence and they formed the earth, the sky and the seas. They were masters of all reality and believed that they had total control of all things. Yet, there was a higher power that was hidden to them that had not finished creation. No one knows exactly how The Aether works or if it has a will of its own. The First Gods quickly learned that it was present, however, when it created three more beings of power.

Thus it was that the dragon gods were created and set upon this world. Although not as powerful as the First Gods, these gods were made formless and without design so that they may choose their own destiny. However, these gods were linked and were forced to create forms and destinies that were intertwined.

These three gods, although formless, quickly took on personalities in mere seconds of their new existence. All three were powerful minds, both noble and proud. Yet each was very different from the other. As the three beings interacted with the world they became influenced by what had already been created. Thus they took on qualities from the existing beings that they found most suitable for themselves. Therefore, one was just, good and chivalrous, another dark, malevolent and jealous, and the third wise, stern and emotionless. It was these differences that made their choosing of a form so difficult. They argued for millennia as the world stood without change, waiting on their decision.

Finally they created their form, and it was mighty and sinister, glorious and terrible, wondrous and horrific; all these attributes in one great body. Each god thus became an aspect of this ultimate form and then was placed into existence.

The first of these is the being we now call Garrhast, the great platinum father, creator of the metallic dragons, and friend to the first Elves. The second of these is Narostia, the dreaded mother of fury, queen of all chromatics and friend to no one, but feared by all. These two gods exist to defy the other and thus are locked in a constant struggle. Their children are thus also locked in this same struggle. It was for this reason that the third god was created, to balance and mediate the two others. Yet, this god was not created in the same fashion. Although as powerful as the two others she chose a different path. Being wise, she knew she could not mediate gods that were created to be opposites, so instead she chose to limit her own power and live among the children of the two gods. It is thus the case that Vionilarisis was created in her final form and set on the world.

For the first few millennia, Vionilarisis was merely a moderator that interceded only when the battles between the children of Garrhast and Narostia endangered the lives of the mortal races. Soon, however, Vionilarisis realized that she could not always be where there were problems. Vionilarisis’ decision to become a denizen of the world and not of the heavens was limiting her effectiveness. It was for this reason that Vionilarisis chose to extend her hand to the mortal races and ask for assistance.

Dragon Lords

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